The Virus: Thoughts and a kind of roundup

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I keep this entry at the top and I will add positive posts as I discover them. I think it is healthy to read something uplifting, considerate, friendly or in some other way helpful instead of the constant virus news barrage.

My original post:

I am sick of this virus. Not in a medical sense but I am really fed up. I understand that certain measures are necessary to prevent an unmanageable outbreak. But everything seems to be about COVID-19 now. As an HSP this messes me up right now. My personal triggers are noise, commotion and other people’s emotional leakage. I am an empath and I simply can’t help but feel what other people feel. I don’t want that all the time but I am getting better at protecting myself from being overwhelmed by others.

But my protection slowly fails me with this virus crisis. People project so much irrational panic and fear onto each other. The media is full of real news, fake news, constant updates on numbers, endless rows of talking heads and politicians trying to outdo themselves with new measures and speeches. Most of it is useless. How much more information do we really need? I feel we are just feeding a frenzy.

Last week we went to buy our weekly supply of nappies and wipes and it was mostly sold out. People without children bought baby wipes because toilet paper was out. Why are people so inconsiderate and antisocial? Does it really take one virus and we all lose trust in society and each other. Sometimes I think our hypercritical media, the echo chambers and the constant bashing of politics, big companies, foreigners, ”the media” and so on has something to do with how a lot people behave today. They more and more react instead of taking a breath and thinking.

All this weighs on me especially after my breakdown last year. I can’t visit support groups, attend meetups, go to a museum to wind down or visit friends (I would need to travel). I can’t even go to a playground with my daughter. She is going stir-crazy right now. And even Tinder suggests not meeting new people.

I am lucky I can work mostly from home. So childcare is no problem for us. But this also means that I am stuck at home most of the time. I am lonely and the little one is not really a good conversationalist. My wife’s work currently deals with managing the social distancing for vulnerable people. It is important but also exhausting. She needs to rest and unwind when she comes home. I need company and distraction. It is not working out well. We fight and are angry because we are already on edge. She is working from home now too 🙂

I hope people realize that they need to be more considerate if we want these measures to work. So please don’t spread panic and fear, try to be friendly to others, don’t buy all the toilet paper and see what you can do to keep your relationships healthy and supportive. The world is not going to end. Please act appropriately. 

I would like to list all the posts that I found uplifting, considerate, friendly or in some other way helpful over the last few days:

So what am I going to do? I will avoid all social media. I will not read every news article and keep myself mostly informed from official or reliable sources. I don’t need daily updates on the number of infected or the continuous barrage of virus news coverage. I already ordered a sandbox and a few toys for the patio so my daughter can play outside. I will keep in touch with friends and family via our wonderful electronic devices. And my wife and I need to be more considerate and forgiving.

I also would like to end this on a slightly humorous note. Even though people bought all the toilet paper there are still lots of condoms in stock. I we need to self isolate I would have snapped up a few packets of condoms as well.

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3 thoughts on “The Virus: Thoughts and a kind of roundup

  1. PurpleSole

    Good to hear that the condoms are stocked up. There is a lot of negetivity but it doesn’t mean there isn’t opportunity either. It is good to remain positive but that isn’t to say negative feelings aren’t valid. We’ll get through this, then we can get some damn wet wipes.

    Thanks for the mention too.

  2. Sweetgirl

    I completely agree. The world is full of either ‘woe is me’ or ‘the end is neigh’ and it is getting very old. Thank you so much for highlighting my post. chin up as they say

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